Deadly Encounter

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This is why you carry a gun, in case of a life-threatening situation.  Are you prepared and have you taken the proper steps to assure that you are?  Taking everything you learned from the concealment course and building from that.

This is an advanced concealed carry course.

Covering topics on compromised positions, one handed manipulations and shooting.  Stress inoculation.  Application of TQ's under stress.  Movement.  Ending day with force simulation.

Please bring a semi automatic pistol, 3 mags, reliable concealment holster (kydex recommended) Water, snacks, and weather appropriate clothing.  Clothes that you do not mind getting dirty.


- Modern reliable semi auto pistol
- kydex holster( non serpa)
- Good quality gun belt
- 3 Magazines
- 500 Rounds(max)
- 2 Mag carriers
- Eye and ear pro (preferably electronic or surefire sonic defender design)
- Weather appropriate clothing
- Food and water for the day