Adaptive Pistol

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Designed to develop skills not currently in the shooter and build on those the shooter has
presently. This class adapts to YOUR level and equipment. Want to train from concealment
using your appendix rig? RUN IT. Does your battle belt need to see some use? BRING IT.
:Knowledge of the fundamentals and ability to confidently draw from a holster is recommended
for this course.

Subjects covered include grip, stance, sight alignment, trigger press, draw, reloads, movement,
target transitions, speeding up.


- Modern reliable semi auto pistol
- kydex holster( non serpa)
- Good quality gun belt
- 3 Magazines
- 500 Rounds(max)
- 2 Mag carriers
- Eye and ear pro (preferably electronic or surefire sonic defender design)
- Weather appropriate clothing
- Food and water for the day